Yearbook Information & Frequently Asked Questions
Purchasing a Yearbook & General Information

How much does yearbook cost?
Yearbooks are $60 during orientation (8/20/19 – 8/22/19), $75 from 8/23/19 – 1/26/20, and $85 after 5/4/20. You can save $5 off your purchase at anytime if your student has an ASB sticker.
How can I pay for yearbook?
With card via the TreeRing website or cash. Once students have created an account, parents/guardians can purchase the yearbook through their account.

Participation in Yearbook

What does yearbook look like at SES?
Yearbook is an afterschool team that meets on Tuesdays from 3:15-4:30 during the school year. As the deadline approaches, more meetings occur. Students take photographs, write articles, and help create a memory book for the other students on campus.
How do I/does my student join yearbook?
It is an application process and new students are admitted at the beginning of each year.
Who can participate in yearbook?
Students submit an application and then go through an interview process.