Yearbook Information & Frequently Asked Questions
Purchasing a Yearbook & General Information

How much does yearbook cost?
Yearbooks are $60 during orientation (8/20/19 – 8/22/19), $75 from 8/23/19 – 1/26/20, and $85 after 5/4/20. You can save $5 off your purchase at anytime if your student has an ASB sticker.
How can I pay for yearbook?
With card via the TreeRing website or cash. Once students have created an account, parents/guardians can purchase the yearbook through their account. This allows students the opportunity to personalize your account.
What do I do with my receipt?
Please make sure to keep your copy of your receipt! We have recorded all purchases digitally, but sometimes mistakes do happen.
When do I have to order my yearbook by?
In order to guarantee you have a yearbook, you must order by 5/15/20.
What is TreeRing?
TreeRing is the online platform SES uses to create and publish their yearbook. The company also plants a tree for every yearbook purchased!
Who needs an account?
Students are all connected to TreeRing through their SESHS email addresses. They should use that email address to connect to TreeRing. If the student has not yet created an account, they should use their SESHS email address when signing up. Go to
What is the code for TreeRing?
What is a personal page?
Through TreeRing, every student who purchases a yearbook has the ability to customize two individual pages that will only appear in their yearbook.
How do I/does my student create their personal page?
Once the yearbook has been purchased (allow a few days if purchased in cash) students are able to log into their TreeRing account and customize those pages. The pages must be school appropriate. There will be workshops held for students later in the year to help with this process. You can also find a step-by-step instruction sheet on the website. Personal pages must be created on the TreeRing website and marked as complete prior to the deadline.
What is a dedication page?
It is a page that is created for graduating seniors to celebrate their accomplishments! It appears in every yearbook at the back of the book before the end of the year summary.
Can I purchase a dedication page for my student?
If your student is a senior or if you are creating it for a senior or group of seniors!
Can students purchase a dedication page?
Anyone can purchase a dedication page, but the dedication MUST be for graduating seniors.
How is a dedication page different than a personal page and why should I purchase a one?
Personal pages are specifically designed for students to document their experiences that year. On the dedication page, you get to share treasured photos and memories of your student and express your pride in their completion of high school. Dedication pages also appear in every yearbook, while the personal page only appears in the yearbook of the student who created it. Students also do not see the dedication page before the publication of the yearbook.
How much is a dedication page and how do I purchase one?
A quarter of a page is $20, half a page is $40, and a full page is $80. You can purchase your dedication page anytime before May. Once you have purchased your page, you will choose your template and submit the photos to
How many pages are in the yearbook?
The 2019/2020 yearbook will have between 220-230 pages of content which does not include autograph pages, end of the year summaries, personal pages, or the index. The entire yearbook is also in color.
Will I/my student even be in the yearbook?
Absolutely! The yearbook team makes a huge effort to try and ensure that each student appears in the yearbook at least 3 different times. The more activities/events you as a student participate in, the more opportunities you have to be featured in the yearbook. Each student will be featured in their class photo, the science fair, and a class field trip. Most will also be featured in all school events as well as grade level events such as integrated units.
What is Endeavor?
Endeavor is the name of the yearbook. 2019/2020 will be the 6th volume published.