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Currently, SES is in the process of implementing a first-time event as a catalyst for a long-term program specifically aimed to foster our female high school students in STEM careers.  For this “kick-off” event we are looking for 4 to 5 women of diverse ethnic backgrounds, with various academic and/or working experiences.  These volunteers will be asked to briefly share their educational and/or working experiences as part of a panel presentation to the SES 11th grade female students on the afternoon of Friday April 13th.  Additionally, we are structuring the event to include a break-out session to allow for each of several small groups of students to interact with a panelist for a brainstorming activity.

Panel members will be invited to have lunch on the School of Engineering and Science campus at 12:15pm.  The student event will take place from 1:05 pm till 3:05 pm – on campus in the Career Center.

We recognize that female students are influenced by numerous beliefs and cultural factors.  Based on this information, and specifically for this “kick-off” event, we are interested in finding individuals in STEM fields that our many Latino/Hispanic, African American, and Asian students can best relate to.

We are looking to find individuals excited to participate in helping us encourage our female high school students to consider and pursue careers in STEM fields; regardless of whether that involvement is big or small, short-term or long-term.  If you are energized about the opportunity of becoming a panel member for our April 13th “kick-off” event, or if you are interested in being a resource to the program in other ways, click the link below.

We would like to support our panelists in developing a coherent message in advance of the panel itself and thus request that you complete the interest survey by Thursday, March 15th.

If you have any questions please contact Patrick Bohman, SES Learning Support Coordinator, at or (916) 395-5040.